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Indianapolis Investment – Buying Indianapolis Investment Property

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Buying Property Out of Town

“No Place Like Home” sounds good but for many investors it is not possible to buy in their home state or city.  Even foreclosed and distressed properties in some areas are overvalued and too expensive for investors to earn positive cash flow and get a high return on investment.  Like so many successful investment property buyers you may have to look  out of state  for the best deals.

Indianapolis has always been affordable for investors. There are an abundance of single-family homes available at the right price for investors. Demand for rental houses has continued to grow.  An Indianapolis investment will provide cash flow and significant instant equity. Many fully remodeled investment houses are being offered well below market price, which means you start collecting positive cash flow right from the get-go.

For more information and photos check out these remodeled, below market value houses at: Investors will be glad to see the numbers work for them!

Buying Foreclosed Houses as Investments – Indianapolis Investment Guide

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Advice for the Investment Property Investor Interested in Foreclosed Houses

Yes, it is true that foreclosed properties can be a great deal.  If you are looking to get into the Indianapolis investment property market you can find good deals. I would warn all but the most experienced investors to use great caution when buying a foreclosed, distressed property. If the property needs more than cosmetic work I would consider using a property investment wholesaler. Property investment wholesalers are experienced rehab experts. A good property investment wholesaler will have a professional team that renovates and remodels foreclosed properties.

Wholesalers buy in bulk and pass on the savings to you, the investor.  You can still buy foreclosed properties without the headache or backache.   Check out the listings from Indiana’s #1 Investment Property Wholesaler at:

Remember time is money !!!  Every minute you spend trying to rehab a property is money you are not collecting in rent.

Investment Property- Investing in Rental Properties

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Owning Investment Property Puts You in Charge of Building Your Wealth

There are many benefits to investing in real estate. Investment property offers tax benefits, cash flow, appreciation, and control over your investment. Control – that’s what investors want. Investors can select the property and tenants, set the rents, and decide on improvements. Owning investment properties puts you in the driver’s seat.  Investors can sleep better knowing that their investment is not in the hands of a Wall Street executive!!!

Invest in America. Indianapolis is a great city for investors. There is a plethora of low priced, fully remolded houses available to the savvy investor.  The houses for sale in Indianapolis are more affordable than in just about every major American city,  making this a very attractive investment opportunity. Check out the houses for sale at This company sells newly renovated, turnkey single -family homes in good neighborhoods.


Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Investment Property Beats Stocks

Income Producing Investment Property Builds Wealth and Creates Cash Flow

If you own property that produces rental income you are guaranteed a return on your money. Property investment is easy for the average investor to understand, unlike the stock market, which is complex and unpredictable. Wall Street does not care about us, the small investor. The stockbrokers make their money from large investors, those with millions to invest. Wall Street and brokerage firms ignore small investors. Professional stock advisors make their money from charging you commissions. You are paying them even if you lose money!!

I like to own single-family investment properties. I buy property that pays me!  There are property wholesalers who buy foreclosed houses and renovate them. Property wholesalers make their money on volume and repeat business. Residential property investment is easy for the average investor to understand. You buy a single-family house below market price, you rent it and collect the cash flow every month.  Your return on investment should be 10% -15%.  Eventually, you can sell it for a profit.

Of course, being a landlord is not for everyone, but a good management company can make your investment property a hassle-free experience.  They screen tenants and handle maintaince. You get the dividends every month, tax breaks, capital, and appreciation.

I invest in cities like Indianapolis, Indiana. Indianapolis is a large metropolis with a solid economic base. It is the 12th largest city in the United States. An important reason that I invest in properties in Indianapolis is that it has one of the strongest rental markets in the country. Indianapolis has an many houses for sale that meet the criteria for a good investment. I do not have to worry if half way around the world there is a crisis that will affect my investment like stock investors do.

Investing in real estate is for everyone.  I like that I have control over my properties. I do not have to worry about “creative financing”, “speculation and brokers, and bad advice. People, who can’t afford a down payment, are going to need a home to rent especially in bad times.

Check out Indianapolis investment properties This property wholesaler has quality, renovated investment properties at below market prices.